Products & Services

Products & Services

Our Product Range

Mobile Offices

Flexible and functional spaces designed to keep your work on the move.


Secure storage solutions for equipment and valuable assets.

Accommodation Units

Comfortable living spaces tailored to your requirements.

Ablution Units

Hygienic and efficient solutions for on-site sanitation.

Medical Clinics

Portable healthcare facilities for remote or temporary setups.

Storage Market Stalls

Compact and convenient storage solutions for retail and events.

Luxury Villas

Elevate your living experience with our container-based luxury villas.

Hospitality Suites

Stylish and functional spaces for event hosting or temporary accommodations.

Portable Classrooms

Innovative learning spaces that can adapt to various educational needs.

Refrigerated Units

Keep your goods fresh and secure with our container-based refrigeration solutions.

At CONTECH, we redefine possibilities with containers, offering a diverse array of services and products to elevate your projects. Explore the future of construction with us!"

Container Sales - Crafting Your Vision

Embark on a journey with CONTECH, where ISO marine containers become more than just metal boxes. They're canvases for your next construction masterpiece, ready to be transformed into cozy living spaces, vibrant offices, or dynamic commercial hubs. Our diverse selection caters to every unique vision, from the intimate to the ambitious.

Leasing: Freedom to Adapt

Projects have their own rhythm, and at CONTECH, we understand that. Our flexible container leasing services cater to both short-term needs and long-term visions. It's more than just renting space; it's about adapting to your project's evolving needs, from temporary offices to extended storage solutions.

Camp Management: Where Comfort Meets Efficiency

Imagine a project site where efficiency and comfort go hand-in-hand. CONTECH's camp management services deliver just that. We go beyond the logistics and structures, creating a work environment that prioritizes your team's well-being, with top-notch accommodations, well-equipped amenities, and a focus on a positive, productive atmosphere.

Site Solutions: Reimagining Spaces

Welcome to the future of construction with CONTECH's Site Solutions. We're not just building structures; we're crafting sustainable living and commercial environments. Witness containers transformed into cozy homes, vibrant co-working spaces, and dynamic retail hubs. Every container tells a story of innovation, sustainability, and human-centric design.